Who is Tricia Lucus? All About Toby Keith's wife — citiMuzik

Who is Tricia Lucus? All About Toby Keith’s wife — citiMuzik

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Tricia Lucus, the wife of renowned American country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith, has played an integral role in his life and career. Although she has maintained a modest public presence, the love and support she provides have not gone unnoticed by fans of Toby Keith’s music.

As a successful man, Toby Keith is fortunate to have Tricia by his side, cheering him on through both triumphs and challenges. Presently, Tricia resides with her family, and she actively manages and supervises their family business, contributing to their shared success.

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Profile summary
Full Name: Tricia Lucus
Gender: Female
Profession: Buisnesswoman
Country: United States.
Horoscope: N/A
Husband Toby Keith
Married Toby Keith
Net Worth $10 million
Status Married
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Kids Krystal Keith, Stelen Keith Covel, Shelley Covel Rowland
Tricia Lucus’s Biography

Tricia Lucas has gained recognition both in the media and among the public as the wife of Toby Keith, a prominent figure in American country music. While Tricia herself may prefer to maintain a low profile, she plays a significant role in her family’s life by overseeing and managing their business ventures. With her supportive presence, Tricia contributes to the success and stability of their family and the endeavors they undertake together.

Relationship and Married Life

Tricia Lucas is happily married to the renowned singer and composer Toby Keith, known for his contributions to American country music. Their love story began in the early 1980s when they crossed paths at a club. Tricia, then 19, and Toby, 20, embarked on a romantic journey that led them to exchange vows on March 24, 1984, after dating for a couple of years. The couple has been blessed with three children from their union, namely Krystal Keith, born on September 30, 1985, and Stelen Keith Covel, born in 1997.

In addition to their immediate family, Tricia is also a proud grandmother to three children, the offspring of Toby’s adoptive daughter Shelley Covel Rowland from a previous relationship. Despite having been married for over 35 years, Tricia and Toby’s love and bond continue to thrive, evident in their harmonious and growing relationship.

The couple resides in Oklahoma, where they lead a serene and contented life surrounded by their beloved children and grandchildren. Tricia, preferring a low-key lifestyle, does not engage in social media platforms, while Toby actively shares moments of their family, work, and friendships through his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Tricia Lucus’s Career

In the early 1990s, Toby Keith ventured to Nashville and performed on Music Row, distributing copies of his demo tape to numerous record companies. Initially, there was little interest in his music, prompting him to return to Oklahoma. However, fate intervened when a flight attendant, who happened to be a fan of the Easy Money Band, gave Toby’s demo tape to an executive from Mercury Records during a flight. Impressed by his sound, the executive signed Toby to a recording contract.

In 1993, Toby’s debut single, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” skyrocketed to number one on the country music charts, even making its mark on the pop music charts. The song became a radio sensation, garnering over three million plays by the end of the 1990s. It emerged as the most-played country song of the decade, surpassing even Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Who is Tricia Lucus? All About Toby Keith's wife — citiMuzik

Having released his first four studio albums, including self-titled “Toby Keith” (1993), “Boomtown” (1994), “Blue Moon” (1996), and “Dream Walkin’” (1997) under various divisions of Mercury Records, Toby later departed from the label in 1998. Signing with DreamWorks Records Nashville, he achieved a major breakthrough with his single “How Do You Like Me Now?!” in 1999, which topped the country charts in 2000. Toby continued to dominate the charts with subsequent albums like “Pull My Chain,” “Unleashed,” and “Shock’n Y’all,” each producing three more number one hits and earning four-times Platinum certifications.

Who is Tricia Lucus? All About Toby Keith's wife — citiMuzik

From 1993 to 2000, Toby released an album annually, with each one selling at least half a million copies, many exceeding that figure. When his label rejected several songs from his 1999 album “How Do You Like Me Now,” Toby negotiated to repurchase the album rights for $93,000, subsequently selling them to DreamWorks for $200,000. “How Do You Like Me Now” went on to sell 3.1 million copies.

Throughout his career, Toby Keith has released a total of 19 studio albums, two Christmas albums, and five compilation albums, with worldwide sales surpassing 40 million. His 2002 album, “Unleashed,” sold three million copies and featured a hit duet with Willie Nelson titled “Beer for My Horses.”

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Toby also pursued entrepreneurial ventures. In 2004, he made a significant investment, acquiring a 10% stake in Big Machine Records, which proved to be highly profitable as the label signed renowned artists such as Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift. Toby’s association with Big Machine ensures ongoing financial benefits whenever any of the label’s artists receive compensation.

Furthermore, Toby Keith embarked on the restaurant industry when Don Marrandino, a Las Vegas casino owner, approached him with a proposal to establish a Toby Keith-themed restaurant called “I Love This Bar and Grill” in his casino. By the end of 2004, the establishment had become one of the top 50 grossing restaurants in the United States.

Not content with his achievements, Toby decided to enter the beverage business after seeing his friend Sammy Hagar sell his Cabo Wabo tequila company for $80 million in 2007. Toby initially considered creating a bourbon or vodka brand but eventually settled on Mezcal. Launching “Wild Shot” mezcal in March 2011, he secured a distributor and explored various family-run mezcal distilleries. By the end of the year, Wild Shot became the leading premium mezcal in the United States, completing Toby’s flourishing empire.

Through his various ventures, Toby Keith’s empire generates

Toby Keith’s Net Worth

With a net worth of $365 million, Toby Keith is a renowned American country singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Over the past few decades, he has solidified his position as one of the most accomplished and prosperous country musicians in the industry. Notably, Toby has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, achieving remarkable success in various endeavors.

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