Who is Susie Hariet? All About Dan Stevens' Wife — citiMuzik

Who is Susie Hariet? All About Dan Stevens’ Wife — citiMuzik

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Susie Hariet, renowned in the entertainment industry, is widely recognized as the wife of the talented English actor, Dan Stevens. Her husband has garnered immense popularity and acclaim for his role as Matthew Crawley in the highly acclaimed drama series, “Downton Abbey.”

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Beyond her role as a loving wife, Susie Hariet is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats. Not only is she a devoted mother, but she also possesses remarkable skills in singing, dancing, and acting. Her diverse range of talents makes her a versatile and dynamic presence in the world of entertainment.

Susie Hariet’s beauty and accomplishments are evident, showcased by a stunning picture of her that has been widely shared on various social media platforms. Her impact in the entertainment industry is tangible, as she continues to make her mark through impressive work and notable achievements.

Hence, it is undeniable that Susie Hariet is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, deserving recognition and appreciation for her talents and contributions. Whether you are a fan of Dan Stevens or simply admire Susie Hariet’s beauty and versatility, now is the perfect time to delve deeper into the life of this remarkable woman.

Profile summary
Info Details
Date of Birth 22 December 1975
Age 47 years old
Birth Nation South Africa
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Name Susie Hariet
Birth Name Susie Hariet
Nationality South African
Birth Place/City South Africa
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress/Singer
Net Worth $4 million
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Face Color White
Weight in KG 132 pounds
Married Yes
Married to Dan Stevens (m. 2009)
Children Willow Stevens, Aubrey Stevens
Susie Hariet Biography

Susie Hariet, a renowned South African jazz singer, is married to the esteemed Hollywood actor, Dan Stevens. Together, they share the joy of raising three children: Willow Stevens, Aubrey Stevens, and Addison Stevens. Susie, originally hailing from South Africa, ventured to England where she embarked on a career in theater as a jazz vocalist and eventually transitioned into teaching singing. Presently, she resides with her husband and children in Brooklyn Heights, New York. As of 2023, Susie Hariet’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million USD.

Early Life and Education

Susie Hariet, born in 1982 in South Africa, is currently 37 years old. Being of South African descent, she holds citizenship in both South Africa and England, where her husband, English actor Dan Stevens, hails from. While Dan Stevens has a white background, his religious beliefs suggest a connection to Christianity, specifically as a follower of Jesus Christ.

According to online sources, Susie Hariet’s mother, who was an actress in South Africa, played a significant role in inspiring her career path. Unfortunately, information regarding Susie Hariet’s height is currently unknown.

Career and Professional Life

Susie Hariet, in addition to being a talented singing teacher and dancer, has a background as a jazz singer. Rather than pursuing a career as a music artist, she finds fulfillment in sharing her musical and artistic skills with her students. Susie Hariet has intentionally kept a low professional profile, making it challenging to gather extensive information about her career.

During her time at a music academy, she dedicated herself to honing her craft as a jazz singer. Additionally, she made appearances in films such as “Worth” (2007), “Forget Me Not” (2010), and “The Dark Room” (2010). Notably, she also starred in a series alongside her husband, titled “High Maintenance.”

Susie’s career journey began shortly after completing high school, initially focusing on jazz vocals and singing. However, her passion for acting gradually emerged, leading her to venture into theater productions. Eventually, she transitioned into the world of film and television.

In 2007, Susie had the opportunity to showcase her acting skills in the short comedy film “Worth.” Her performance garnered positive feedback and marked the beginning of a successful acting career. Following her experience in “Worth,” Susie returned to her musical roots, engaging in singing and acting in theatrical productions. However, three years later, in 2009, she secured another acting role in the film “Forget Me Not.” The subsequent year, she played a significant part in the movie “The Dark Room,” solidifying her position as a talented actress.

Susie’s journey in the entertainment industry is characterized by her willingness to explore different artistic avenues and her unwavering dedication to her craft. Her seamless transitions between singing and acting, as well as between theater and film/television, exemplify her versatility and ability to adapt to new challenges.

Wedding and Married Life

Susie and Dean, a couple deeply connected through their shared passion for theater, first crossed paths during a play in Sheffield back in 2006. Their connection was immediate, and they quickly fell in love. After dating for nearly three years, they decided to tie the knot in 2009, coinciding with Susie’s pregnancy, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their daughter.

Who is Susie Hariet? All About Dan Stevens' Wife — citiMuzik

Susie Hariet, a radiant and supportive wife, enjoys a blissful married life with her husband. According to Dean, Susie has always been a pillar of support throughout his acting career, standing by his side and encouraging him in his profession. When Dean secured the role of Beast, it was Susie who diligently assisted him in preparing for the audition, showcasing her unwavering dedication to his success.

Throughout their journey, the couple has managed to steer clear of rumors and controversies, solidifying their status as one of Hollywood’s most cherished pairs. Their love story is akin to a fairytale, filled with romance and enduring affection.

Net Worth and Earnings

Susie Hariet, the wife of Dan Stevens, had outstanding arrears of $2 million as of 2018. She gained recognition as a jazz singer, initially through her involvement in short-acting and theater performances. Presently, she earns approximately $50,000 per year as a singing teacher. Susie embarked on her career as a jazz vocalist and singer before transitioning into her role as a singing teacher. In the past, she also dabbled in acting and appeared in films such as “Worth” (2007), “Forget Me Not” (2010), and “The Dark Room” (2010).

Subsequently, Susie made the decision to focus primarily on her singing career rather than pursuing further acting opportunities. She had the opportunity to contribute to her husband Dan Stevens’s character development in the series “High Maintenance.”

On the other hand, Susie’s husband, Dan Stevens, has amassed a net worth of $4 million to date. His earnings primarily stem from his successful acting career in Hollywood films. He has been involved in notable projects such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Tragic Fall of New York Fixer,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Summer February.” Susie has frequently been seen accompanying her husband to movie events and red carpet appearances.

As of 2023, Susie Hariet’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million USD.

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