Who is Kajala Masanja? Age, Ex-husband, Daughter and Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

Who is Kajala Masanja? Age, Ex-husband, Daughter and Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

Kajala Frida Masanja, a luminary in the Tanzanian movie and film industry, currently finds herself at the heart of all bongo gossip, entangled in narratives involving Rayvanny, Hamisa, and Harmonize.

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Beyond the tabloids, her life story is a captivating journey that explores her age, past marriage, and her remarkable collaboration with the late Steve Kanumba. Kajala Frida Masanja stands tall as one of the most prominent figures in Tanzania’s vibrant world of cinema.

Attribute Information
Full Name Kajala Frida Masanja
Birthday July 23, 1983
Age 40 years (as of 2023)
EX-Husband Faraji Chambo
Profession Actress/TV Personality
Net Worth USD $100,000 (Approx)
Daughter’s Name Paula Kajala
Nationality Tanzanian
Who is Kajala Masanja?

Kajala Masanja is a renowned Tanzanian actress and film star. In recognition of her outstanding talent, she earned the prestigious 2016 EATV (East Africa Television) award for her exceptional acting skills. Kajala was previously married to Faraji Chambo, a former banker.

One of her notable appearances was in the 2012 film titled “Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki,” where she starred alongside Steven Kanumba. Kajala’s presence in the entertainment industry often generates significant industry buzz and gossip.

How Old is Kajala Masanja?

As of 2023, Frida Kajala Masanja was born on July 23, 1983. Kajala is currently 40 years old, having celebrated her birthday on the 22nd of July each year.


Kajala embarked on her acting journey quite some time ago, amassing an impressive portfolio of roles in numerous Tanzanian movies.

Throughout her cinematic journey, she has graced the screen alongside renowned figures like Wema Sepetu, one of her closest friends, and the late Steven Kanumba.

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Frida has contributed her talents to the Tanzanian film industry, leaving a lasting impact with her roles in a variety of popular movies. These performances have earned her recognition and a devoted fan base. Some of her notable works include ‘Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki,’ ‘Basilisa,’ ‘Jeraha la Moyo,’ ‘Devils Kingdom,’ and ‘Vita Baridi.’

In 2016, Kajala’s remarkable talents were officially acknowledged when she secured the East African Television award in the Best TV Personality category, further cementing her esteemed status in the entertainment industry.

Kajala Frida Masanja Movies
  1. Kigodoro
  2. Jeraha la Moyo
  3. House Boy
  4. Vita Baridi
  5. House Girl & Boy
  6. Dhuluma
  7. Shortcut
  8. Basilisa
  9. You, Me, and Him
  10. Devils Kingdom
Kajala Masanja and Wema Sepetu Beef

A few years back, a Kenyan local daily newspaper highlighted that the once-close friendship between Kajala and Wema Sepetu had soured. The exact reason behind their falling out remains shrouded in mystery.

Meet Kajala Masanja’s Daughter

Paula Kajala, originally born Paula Paul Majani, is a Tanzanian model and the daughter of the renowned film mogul, Kajala Masanja. She gained prominence due to her involvement in the dating drama between Harmonize and Kajala Masanja. Paula has found herself in the spotlight, often associated with various scandals involving Tanzanian Bongo music icons.

Kajala Masanja and Harmonize

Kajala’s journey through romance included a notable chapter with the Bongo Flava sensation, Harmonize.

Their love story was marked by twists and turns, beginning with Harmonize seeking forgiveness after their initial breakup. However, their reunion was short-lived, leading to yet another separation. In the aftermath of their split, the two engaged in a heated online feud, hurling allegations and attempting to damage each other’s reputations.

During an interview with Radio Citizen in April, Frida openly acknowledged that she had moved on from her past relationship with Harmonize and was currently involved with someone new.

“Yes, I am over it… Niko na mtu anatoka Kenya. (Yes, I am over it… I am with someone from Kenya),” Kajala revealed.

Kajala Masanja’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Kajala Masanja’s estimated net worth is approximately USD $100,000. She derives a significant portion of her income from brand endorsements on her social media platforms and her thriving career in the film industry. Presently, Kajala boasts a substantial following on Instagram, contributing to her financial success.

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