Who is Dacre Montgomery? Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

Who is Dacre Montgomery? Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

Dacre Montgomery portrayed Billy Hargrove in “Stranger Things,” but did you realize he also had a role in the Power Rangers movie?

Dacre Montgomery Profile Summary
Full Name Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey
Birthdate November 22, 1994
Place of Birth Perth, Australia
Age 28 years (old as of 2023)
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 77 kilograms
Body Type Athletic

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Early Life Background

Dacre Montgomery was born in Perth, Western Australia, to a family with diverse backgrounds. His mother, Judith Barrett-Lennard, hails from Lebanon, Canada, while his father, Scott Montgomery-Harvey, is from New Zealand. Dacre has a younger sister named Saskia. Both of his parents were actively involved in the screen industry in Australia.

Dacre’s journey into the world of performing arts began at a young age, as he started appearing on screen and in theater productions when he was just nine years old. He attended Mount Lawley Senior High School in his hometown.

Interestingly, during his senior year (Year 12), his fellow students voted him as “The most likely student to become a Hollywood star” in the annual yearbook. This early recognition fueled his passion for the dramatic arts, and he continued to pursue it throughout his secondary education.

In 2015, Dacre Montgomery achieved a significant milestone by completing his acting degree at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, affiliated with Edith Cowan University.

However, Dacre’s journey to success was not without its challenges. In a candid Instagram post, he shared that he had faced difficulties and felt like a “lost kid.” He began experiencing anxiety at a young age and endured bullying throughout his school years, primarily due to his weight and his strong interest in theater.

Additionally, he encountered setbacks like failing his drama exams in high school and being let go from a job at the age of 18.

Dacre’s path to stardom is a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome these obstacles to become a celebrated actor in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Since 2017, Montgomery has been in a relationship with model Liv Pollock. He has also candidly discussed his experience with OCD in an Instagram post, acknowledging how this condition simultaneously “fuels and hinders” him.

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Growing up, Dacre’s exposure to the Australian film industry due to his parents’ involvement sparked his early interest in acting. This fascination led him to start performing at a remarkably young age, commencing when he was just nine years old.

By the time he turned 10, Dacre had already secured a role as an extra in a short film. However, it was at the age of 12 that he took a significant step forward by enrolling in comprehensive acting classes to hone his skills further.

During this formative period in his life, at the age of 12, Dacre and his parents traveled to Vancouver, where they met with an agent. It was during this meeting that the agent advised Dacre to embark on a weight loss journey. Taking this advice to heart, Dacre began his transformative journey towards achieving his desired physique.

Dacre Montgomery’s Filmography:


  1. “Safe Neighborhood” (2016) – As Jeremy
  2. “Power Rangers” (2017) – As Jason Scott / Red Ranger
  3. “A Few Less Men” (2017) – As Mike
  4. “The Broken Hearts Gallery” (2020) – As Nick
  5. “Stranger Things 4: The Movie” (2022) – As Billy Hargrove

Television Shows:

  1. “Bertrand the Terrible” (2010) – As Fred
  2. “Family Tree” (2013) – As Adrian
  3. “Stranger Things” (2017-2019) – As Billy Hargrove
  4. “In Stranger Company” (2019) – As Jackson
  5. “Stranger Things 3: The Movie” (2020) – As Billy Hargrove
  6. “The Dropout” (2022) – As Ryan Holle
Net Worth

He possesses a net worth of $1 million.

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