Short Moral Bhutiya Hunted Stories-story of the mystery of the cave

Short Moral Bhutiya Hunted Stories-story of the mystery of the cave

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Short Moral Bhutiya Hunted Stories- story of the mystery of the cave

Bhutiya Horror Story in Hindi: there is a popular story of the village of Ramgarh. From 12 in the afternoon to 12 in the middle of the night, a cave made in the middle of the city is strange, there is so much pain in these voices that only when you listen to your heart, the heart becomes fast. Every person who passes through this cave echo to his name within that cave. 


In the last 37 years, terrible and dangerous sounds have been made within this cave. One, this cave is in the middle of the village, in such a situation, the people of the village will have to eliminate the fear of this cave and end only when these terrible sounds and attractions will end from the inside. 


was in 2013 when two paranormal researchers Raju and Anmol are called to know the secret of this cave. Both go to the cave only when a man (gapal) of the village both says them. 


Gopal – Lord, leave the stubbornness to enter, they still say that the truth of this cave will be very ankle. 


Raju – Hi Gopal Ji, this is our duty, our department must fulfill the task he gives us. 


Both walk to that cave by saying this and secretly around 17:00, both lists of paranormal spa reach within that ghost cave. As soon as Raju and Anmol enters, the angry voice of his name begins to go to the cave (by hand … they move away from here, otherwise they will die, both leave this world of pain, otherwise the death of both tonight tonight is true)

Anmol – Yaar Raju, how strange this cave is, to date, such a case is not done where the cave threatens the cave. 


Raju: the spectral place is always strange and dangerous, it reduces only the thought and collects the image with the help of a torch. 


When collecting the image from all the sides of the beautiful cave, he begins to advance, then Anmol begins to listen to the sound of great steps, this item came from it right next to it, he was chasing the voice of that passage while he pursued the voice of those steps reaches the last side of. 


See a door at the end of the cave. It was written to that door (the door of another world) The precious mind was thinking about his mind that this door was no other world, so it is just a voice. On the other side of the door. It is listened to (anmol son, I come from your grandfather, come to my son) 


Anmol – Father Re .. What is this door? This is my grandfather’s voice. 


Anmol was listening to his grandfather’s voice from behind that door, he was becoming happy and emotional after listening to her. In this emotion, I was about to make a mistake, he put his hand forward to open the door, when a cry of Raju began to pass through the cave from behind. Feeling the cry of Raju, the infallible has gone back. I was standing near Anmol Raju as if nothing had happened. 


Anmol – Raju, what a messy joke, why shout now? // Raju remained silent smiling slightly. Afterwards, Anmol orders Raju to walk towards that gate. They both reach the door at the end of that cave from where the path to the other world begins. 


Anmol – Raju look here, just now I heard my grandfather’s voice behind this door, I feel there is a world of dead behind it. 


Raju – So open this door and you will see. Anmol – Well said, I open the door.

Anmol was about to open the door that later his view falls on Raju’s body. 


Anmol – Friend, when you arrived at this cave, you wore white shirts and blue jeans and now you have black jeans and red shirt, brother, when you change your clothes? 



So Raju’s teeth begin starting, their height begins to grow and their nails begin to grow and now it was completely a demon. He says in a huge voice with Hussey Horror. 


Diablo – I sent your Raju through this door 10 minutes earlier when you heard your crying. 


Anmol – said in fear … means that you killed Raju. 


Devil: If you can someone, you will find your friend at the door of this door, from the world you’ve arrived there, people live there before dying and now the world will go there, after death, people live there I am are The welcome 


After this, Anmol tries to escape, but the demon stopped in front. Now the only way was the door. He thought this door would be the way to get out of this cave. Anmol opens the door to save his life, see all the darkness inside the door. The sounds of crying and the cries begin to come from that door. 


Anmol who closed the door before this, a long hand came from the inside of that door and brought Anmol to that other world, this caused a strong cry of Anmol and that devil also started laughing with Zoro. 



To date, many people have tried to know their secret inside the cave, but nobody could know the secret of that cave.

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