Revengeance Status 9 Meme Compilation (2022)

Revengeance Status 9 Meme Compilation (2022)

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Revengeance Status 9 Meme Compilation (2022)
This collection was created by hours & hours of web surfing and video editing with the sole purpose of synthesizing the most quintessential & marvelous memes. But above all, the credit belongs to its respective owners.

For that reason, you can easily find the information of the videos & original creators in the “CREDITS” section below so let’s take a little moment to visit them, show them some love, appreciate them before it’s too late 😚😚😚

If there are any omissions, such as you’re OC and would like to remove your content and/or take credit. Please PM and/or send me an email at: and the request will be processed within 24 hours. Thank y’all!

► Playlists:

► Creators: Soda Pop Bot | Martin G. Komegatze LegacyOfKaiser Outer Halation Pharting Fiasco Komegatze Gyandrei The T1ANK gaburiruwaroikku_95 Gordon F. Freeman RNVOnYT VA11KRIE DisastrousBeginnings Edgar Bro Heroic Spartans Brasalik Percus Dox Vealt Eratun IAmBurn Sleggar Law 풍도좌 OmelettesArmstrong Penguin_joe The Cross Spine_apples Revengeance Status Bunker Down monsus LastChange Ronald Enthusiast S0m30ne monsus Flelirium Flelirium Trueblade Seeker LimitFrost Kaitsu Hinatori かいつ ひなとり Kvazar_Void OiI man OiI man Nijisanji-Desuwa L. Rivaldi Elvisuer🇺🇦 Depeche Sly stradomyre Memecrat N i G H T|16 zegtendo Denzz々 DJ Faty310 VError SuperKek Schwabi Drooly LegacyOfKaiser Giga Cheddar–AsISg_3I Runes of Cazzate Rob Jack luckyjj11 Memepoleon LastChange Rocky Rakoon Jet-meme Sam Jet-meme Sam Gabriel 10006 Komegatze Neal Coz Coy Endocher This is meme This is meme Konfederator irtizio 75 fps PLConqueror Gabriel Laurence [Abil Ender] Verdigus OfficialJugg BiriBerry luckyjj11 Jinx the Cat Fan Pro Ishaan Puri Penguin_joe Rem Cheems Giga Cheddar InfiniteSanity

► Intro song: Chet Baker – Almost blue (w/ “Rain and Thunder Sound + Lighting Strike and Thunder Sound Effect”) –

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  1. Standing here

    I realize

    You are just like me

    Trying to make history

    But who`s to judge

    The right from wrong

    When our guard is down I think we'll both agree that

    Violence breeds violence

    But in the end


    I`ve carved my own path

    You followed your wrath

    But maybe we`re both the same

    The world has turned

    And so many have burned

    But nobody is to blame

    Yet staring across this barren wasted land

    I feel new life will be born



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