Poison Ivy | Episode 17 Trailer | Gecenin Ucunda

Poison Ivy | Episode 17 Trailer | Gecenin Ucunda

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Poison Ivy | Episode 17 Trailer | Gecenin Ucunda
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Macide, who grew up in a poor family, studied psychology but was not happy in her professional life. Macide’s, who seeks to heal and cure others, life will change completely after she meets the Işık Family. Even though Ahmet (Sarp Levendoğlu), whom she has just met, is madly in love with her, Macide is attracted to Ahmet’s older brother Kazım (Kadir Doğulu), who is considered the smartest and most successful businessman in the country. The biggest obstacle to these mutual feelings is that Kazım is married. With Macide’s arrival, nothing will ever be the same in the Işık Family.

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu
Kadir Doğulu
Sarp Levendoğlu
Zuhal Olcay
Tuba Ünsal
Özge Özder
Bertan Asllani
Kaan Taşaner
Bestemsu Özdemir
Levent Özdilek
Ebru Aykaç
Şencan Güleryüz
Aysun Metiner
Gonca Yakut
Aleyna Özgeçen
Abdulkerim İlhan
Hazal Şenel
Seyda Bayram
Cem Avnayim
Tugay Bahşi
Ufuk Tevge
Kuzey Kaya
Ubeyt Ünal
Oya Ünal

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  1. I believe that, from now on, Macide will show all his strong personality, not allowing himself to be persuaded anymore. After getting her out of the divorce, I hope it doesn't take Kazim long to realize the pitfalls surrounding him, especially those being hatched by Berrin, Nesmin, Asmet, and the shrewd, pretentious lawyer he imposed, to be hired, were exclusively his and without any opposition, all the decisions he deemed necessary in relation to Kazim's professional activities and political pretensions, as well as his family matters, which, obviously, include matrimonial ones, since his interest in Kazim is not restricted to the professional area. Macide❤️Kazim. #GeceninUcunda GeceninUcunda #MacKaz MacKaz #KadirDoğulu KadirDoğulu #Neslihanatagul NeslihanAtagül #AlimYapim AlimYapim #StarTv StarTv #Tcmfim Tcmfilm

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