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Nikamma movie download filmyzilla Review: The brother-in-law’s relationship is in focus in Nikamma Movie. Here the brother-in-law has no purpose in his life. The name of the film itself is on his character. sister-in-law is an officer of the Transport Department. Both do not match. In the meantime, efforts are made to make the story a love story and then the need arises when the brother-in-law has to fulfill his religion. She has to become the Lakshman Rekha of sister-in-law. The story isn’t bad. It has also been a super hit in Telugu. But, its Hindi version looks the hollow and very fake type.

In the first 20 minutes of the Nikamma movie download film, only an attempt has been made to tell how is the useless Abhimanyu who is playing the role of Adi in the film? Well, that much effort was not needed. You could just wait for the film to end. Sadly, Adi’s boring life is the saddest part of the film. The script of this Nikamma movie download film is very weak. The focus of the film is only on the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We have already seen many great movies based on this relationship like ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ or ‘Hum Saath-Saath Hain’.


nikamma movie download filmymeet Importetn Poaint

Directed by Sabbir Khan
Written by Venu Sriram
Sanamjit Talwar
Screenplay by Sabbir Khan
Based on Middle Class Abbayi (2017)
by Venu Sriram
Produced by Sony Pictures International Productions
Sabbir Khan
Starring Abhimanyu Dassani
Shirley SetiaShilpa Shetty
Cinematography Hari K. Vedantam
Edited by Manan Ajay Sagar
Music by Score:
John Stewart Eduri
Amaal Mallik
Vipin Patwa
Gourov Dasgupta
Sony Pictures India
Sabbir Khan Films
Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing
Release date 17 June 2022
Running time 148 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Nikamma full movie download filmyzilla STORY

The story is about a middle-class boy who is useless. Nothing works. Why he is useless, why he is not doing a job or studies, is not told in the Nikamma movie download film. Simply said, useless, then you have to believe.

These useless brothers have to live with their sister-in-law out of compulsion, which they do not like at all. Why you don’t like it, it is also not told in the Nikamma movie download film. You have to believe that if he does not like this useless sister-in-law, then he does not.

The story progresses. Sister-in-law takes the work of servants from her useless brother-in-law. Bhabhi is RTO officer. By the way, beautiful officers like Shilpa Shetty are never seen in RTO, but if this is a Nikamma movie download film, then they agree.


One day the sister-in-law gets screwed by a goon who is about to contest an election and takes out a gun on some talk. Asks the question to his disciples and chappatis, whom should I shoot. After being satisfied, he takes off the bullet in the front chest. He wants to kill the sister-in-law but in the middle comes the useless brother-in-law whose thinking has changed towards the sister-in-law.

The goon and the useless brother-in-law play super over-super over. The goon says that I will drip your sister-in-law in 6 days and if it does not happen then I will never kill you. Who wins in the super over is revealed at the end of the Nikamma movie download film.


There is no doubt that the story of Venu Shriram is fantastic. In this, things like action, emotion, romance, challenge emerge. He also directed Middle Class Abbai and if you get a chance on TV then definitely see what a wonderful film he made in the commercial format, in which every moment is curious to know what is going to happen next.

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Pick up the story of a South film, bring your hero-heroine from your Hindi belt, add remixes of some old songs and make a new Nikamma movie download film without any harre-alum. These days this trend is going strong in Bollywood and this trend is carried forward, the film ‘Nikamma’, which brought actress Shilpa Shetty on the big screen after a decade and a half. Sabir should have seen a few more Hindi films on this relationship before making the Hindi adaptation of the Telugu film ‘MCA’.

He is selling such a fantasy to the audience of Hindi Nikamma movie download films, whose actors are unable to connect with the audience. Abhimanyu Dassani is not able to bring the trustworthiness of the big screen hero in himself. He is getting films because of Bhagyashree’s son, no doubt about it. But, they will get success only through their hard work. He does action well. Dancing is fine too. But, the weakest aspect of his acting is the non-change of expressions on his face according to the situation.

The magic of directing

Sabir Khan has given many great films before this, including ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Baaghi’. ‘Baaghi’ was a Hindi remake of Telugu film ‘Varsham’ and ‘Heropanti’ is also a remake of Telugu film ‘Parugu’. He has been the master of the remake but this time his bet on ‘Nikamma’ could not sit in the right place. This Nikamma movie download film was ready for release for two years, then after two years this film was released, but despite this, this film did not show any special miracle which they were waiting for. He has tampered with the story of this Nikamma movie download film as well. His bet to make Abhimanyu Dassani an action hero has proved to be a complete flop.

Acting in Nikamma movie download tamilrockers

Shilpa Shetty has previously appeared in ‘Hungama 2’. But even in this film, the difference between his acting and the age between two people was also not accumulated. The brother-in-law relationship would have been amazing in this film, but if this angle had been developed properly. People are not able to connect with this film in any way.

Abhimanyu Dassani is unable to believe in himself as a hero. Yes, he is getting Nikamma movie download films only because of being Bhagyashree’s son and there is no doubt about it. His facial expressions look almost the same in the Nikamma movie download film. Abhimanyu Dassani has become a victim of overacting, especially in the first half. If he has to come out of his mother Bhagyashree’s shadow, then he will have to work harder on his craft.


Shirley Setia just looks cute. Abhimanyu Singh settles as a villain. Whereas, the role of actors like Vikram Gokhale, Sachin Khedekar, Sameer Soni is not worth mentioning. The music of the Nikamma movie download film is also average. Lastly, if you show the famous buildings like Imambara of Lucknow, Ghantaghar, Hazratganj and Lucknow University by telling the city of Damli (where the story is based), then the story is not going to be trusted anyway. Therefore, this inefficiency in finding the location is not good.

Nikamma movie download see or not see

It is the weakness of the script of the film ‘Nikamma’ that apart from Shilpa Shetty and Abhimanyu Dassani, the rest of the actors are also unable to leave any impact. This film is not worth Shirley Setia’s debut and Abhimanyu Singh has nothing left to show as an actor. The rest of the cast of the film also seems to be doing just as time pass. Another major weakness of the film is its music. The effect of the remix song ‘Nikamma Kiya Is Dil Ne’ also does not remain after leaving the cinema hall. The Nikamma movie download film is a waste of both time and money, better not to watch it.


Shirley Setia lends her voice to the reprised version of the song ‘Tere Bin Kya’ from her Bollywood debut ‘Nikamma’

The reprised version of the track ‘Tere Bin Kya’ is sung by Shirley Setia and Mame Khan, while Gaurav Dasgupta has composed it and Kumar has written it. The lyrics of this song are ‘Tere Bin Kya’. The cute and lovely chemistry between Shirley and Abhimanyu has been showcased in the song, which will surely be loved by the youth and music lovers.


Before the release of the film, now ‘Killer’ dances, the song is creating a ruckus. The song ‘Killer’ from ‘Nikamma’ is making a splash on social media. In this released song, Shilpa Shetty can be seen doing tremendous dances. At the same time, Shirley and Abhimanyu are also giving them full competition, in the song Shilpa Shetty is seen in a shiny orange color saree. Her look was completed with a necklace and small earrings. On the other hand, Abhimanyu is wearing a white color kurta-pyjama and Shirley Setia is looking very beautiful in a pink color lehenga. All three are creating a blast through their looks.

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