Motivational stories for students to work hard-Junoon

Motivational stories for students to work hard-Junoon

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Motivational Story for students: today I will tell you three of those success stories that will give an extraordinary fire, if you want to get something in your life, certainly listen to these three success stories because because of the obtaining of something it is very important to have A fire inside. 

The first story is Sumru on July 30, 1947 when a child was born in Australia. His father was a police officer, he hit him seriously with small mistakes, sometimes he threw his hair and sometimes hit him with a belt. It was his mother who encouraged to advance. 


that child started the gym at the age of 14. He began to spend many hours in the gym, there was only one thing in his mind that I had to participate in bodybuilding. 


When he was 18, he had to join the army like all people in his country, but that partner did not stop working even during the service and after a few days after his hard work in his hard work, but he won , but he won, but he won, but won, but won, but won, but won, but won, but won, won, but he won, but he won, but he won, but but He has Vinggio, but has Vinggio, but he has Vinggio, but he has Vinggio, but he has Vinggio, but he won the man did not stop in this, he established his next goal to become Mr. Universe.

1977 again won a film “Pumping Iron” and was the film that recognized it and then in 1982 he obtained the film “Conan the Barbarian”, which was a superhit, after which he worked in many films and Now he has thought of going to the politician .. 


because of him hard work, he became the Governor of Banda California, the man’s name is “Arnold Schwarzenegger”, who wrote many books on body building. 


This is the story full of this motivation, due to a drug reaction by Rakesh Sharma, at the age of only two years, the light of this type has lost its eyes. When he went to admit to school, he refused to admit, after which his parents made him study in a special school. 


people told their parents that they will not be able to do anything in their lives, but the parents of this type have had complete blessings, graduated from Crodemal College and then this boy prepared for Upsc. And they will be surprised to know that because of blindness, the parents whose parents had said not to wait for him, they can’t do anything. 


the same child eliminated UPSC in the first Attempt because of his hard work and closed his mouth and became Ias Rakesh Sharma. People say that anything, to tell them, should listen to the same only from the inside, wake up, get up, sit inside, who have to achieve their goal at any cost. 


A story full of passion is “Sadio Mane”, after listening to you, you will forget to die on the pretext. A boy from a small town in the Senegal town in Africa, who had so much to play football that he started practicing with clothing, with a torn pitch of garbage because this boy had no money to buy nor is it not Have you ever had some food to buy football and at that moment this child used to eradicate their land that ate hunger. 


And I can say with the statement that this condition will not take place because the phone or laptop in which he is seeing thousands of rupees, but that partner had no money to eat, he collaborated that nobody used to practice, but nevertheless that person It is obtained automatically

there was the insistence that one day everyone would have known me with my name and when I was 12, there were no football tests in the capital of the country, after that boy, I didn’t even have the money to travel. 


But Junn was like this that this 12 -year -old boy was satisfied with 160 km and only to give the test, now you think how much the fire will happen inside that man, when he reached him in his torn shoes that arrived, then it fooling around. 


But the 5 -minute test of this partner stopped talking about all people. He showed that this child can also beat the record, at that time the coach said in his hand for 12 years, Sadio Guida that one day people will meet me by name, Sadio Mane was very happy that day. 


When this man ran home to tell good news, he saw that his father died of a heart attack, he thinks about what the boy for 12 years had to have done that day. Now only one thing remained to love him, it was football, cleaned the tears and began to practice. 


Seeing his practice and passion for this game, a very big club in France has selected him and will surprise you to know that the guy who started playing football with torn tricks today plays 


This partner also scored a world record by scoring three goals in 2 minutes 56 seconds, that no one has been able to break to date. 


brings such a passion within you, gives light a reason and leave it, only then can you get something in your life.

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