Horror Story In English-story of the graveyard(Horror story of Kabristan)

Horror Story In English-story of the graveyard(Horror story of Kabristan)

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Horror story of Kabristan: Handhar’s house was behind the old cemetery and saw the cemetery well from the roof of her home. He worked every day after crossing that cemetery. Manahar had two children and both children were very satanists. The name of the eldest son was rocky and the name of the youngest son was Vicky. 


Once, Rocky’s sister and Vicky, Sonia, also arrived on summer vacation. The three were playing the truth and dare in a room around 12 am. Rocky asks Sonia if you take the truth or Osi, Sonia Osa and asked you if you don’t say something dangerous. 


Rocky: it’s not like that, so go, now leave the roof and brings flowers of the pot positioned on the roof, so we will know that it came from the roof. 


Sonia – The cemetery is seen by the roof … no, I won’t go. 


both Rocky and Vicky forced Sonia to go to the roof. Sonia goes to the roof and as soon as he moves to the flower in the pot, then his view towards the cemetery. 


There is a large dry tree in the cemetery, see that a head of the head of that tree is hanging on that tree. Sonia sees her and passed out that she shouts aloud. So when Sonia does not return from the ceiling for a long time, both Rocky and Vicky are afraid and go on the roof and see that Sonia is unconscious, immediately calls by hand and says it all. 


Manhar-Quolt was the need to play that game for the three and rocky?

Rocky – Sorry dad I made a mistake, we will not do it from now on. 


Manhar – And then once again do this job again, I will leave you both in the same cemetery. Good daughter of Sonia, tell me what you saw there that you passed out. 


Sonia says everything in a stunning condition that Manihar had heard such news about that cemetery even earlier, so they don’t bite Sonia and advises children to be careful. One day Manhar is late to be resigned from work and that day does not even get the car, walking home on foot. Here Vicky and Rocky speak to each other. 


Rocky – What do you think you think Sonia said is true .. I think he is only doing things, it will be his illusion. 


Vicky – Hey brother, you are not crazy, I’m very sweet, I won’t go anywhere and don’t go. 


Rocky does not agree despite Vicky’s refusal and only he towards the cemetery opens the gate of the cemetery and enters. See also towards the tree on which Sonia saw the opposite corpse to the head. Rocky gets up and looks at that tree, then an invisible hand holds his feet. Rocky frightens and shouts with Zoro (save .. Except … leave me, I made a mistake, I will never come back here) 


There is a grave in the other corner, which is open, the blood is connected to it, pull the invisible hand and starts trying to cover it in that grave. Rocky screams (leave it, leave him, I made a mistake, I will never go back here. Don’t let myself be killed) I go home on foot for beautiful works, as soon as I pass through the cemetery, Hey the Rocky’s voice. 


Manhar – is the voice of this rock, it comes from the cemetery, should I go to see it? 


Manhar looks around the cemetery, but Rocky does not appear anywhere. He returns home and asks Vicky called Rocky. 


Vicky-Papa, despite my repeated refusal, went to the rocky cemetery, wanted to know

Vicky brings water. Manahar and Vicky go to the cemetery. Manahar Water Rocía, then sees a sign of draging someone and then reaching that grave while pursuing that sign. Spraying water around grace. Vicky is very afraid of the tomb. 


Manhaha – I think that the damned ghost souls imprisoned the rock inside this tomb, we have to leave soon. I try to open the tomb. 


Manhaha tries to open that tomb. Finally, the tomb opens, the rock addiction inside is unconscious. Manahar goes to the hospital with Rocky, his condition is very serious. After that day, Manahar leaves that house and leaves the city to live with his whole family.

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