Ghost Stories In English-Story of the ghost witches

Ghost Stories In English-Story of the ghost witches

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Chudail’s horror Story: I can never forget at night when I lost my best friend Suraj Patil. 

Suraj and I was among us since childhood, suraj my friend was less and his brother was more, after the tenth grade, we both admit to a prestigious university in Latin. The city of Latin was unknown to us, but in a few days we knew the meeting of the city because Surj and I used to rotate in the city all day by bicycle. We were both bored by wandering in the same city every day. 

one night we decided to go to Long Drive. We had planned to go to the forest of the village of Kami. We never went to the forest of the village of Kami. But we only heard that the forest of the village of Kami is only a forest forest because it was nothing more than green trees because wild animals in that forest had finished due to hunting. 

Therefore, that forest was completely sure to make a long journey at night and the same night was good, even Mousham was good, so I agreed to go to the forest of the village of Kami with Suraj. 

we enter the forest of the village of Kami at 11 am. As we had heard, the road to the forest was as soft as the butter, our bicycle started talking to the wind. It was really fun. 

but I was surprised by the fact that we would enter so much inside the forest, but we have not yet seen a single car on the road, the entire road of the forest was deserted. So, on the road, we saw a bridge, Suraj stopped the bicycle in the middle of that bridge.

It was a 100-200 year old bridge built by English in the river. There was a large table next to the bridge and it was written on St. Jorje Bridge both went to the bridge and we got up. The river flowed on the bottom of the bridge and the soft winds moved, the moon was visible in the flowing water of the river. 

In this case, the sound of the cry of wolf came from the forest and the winds that flowed from the top of the bridge stopped suddenly, the river water stopped and the moon disappeared behind a black cloud, when a tianic voice from the Tianica from Tianica at the top of our head I started screaming. He knows he was telling us to escape from here quickly. 

i – Suraj does not feel good here. Titihri’s Screaming means that we are threatening around us, we should go here soon. 

brother Suraj-Hey, nothing is inauspicious, it’s just superstition, being here and looking in silence. 

Then I saw a woman standing near the bridge at a certain distance from the sun. From afar, it was beautiful, but she was peeking into the river under the bridge, I looked at her that the woman climbed on the top of the bridge. 

I – What the woman is doing after looking at the sun. 

Suraj looked back and saw the woman who still climbed the bridge bulb and look into the river. 

Suraj – brother, he is trying to commit suicide. 

Sooraj told me that “self-pitched” started listening to my hands and feet because when I was a child, my grandfather committed suicide by hanging himself and it was he who hanged him for the first time to hanging has been seen. 

Here the sun ran to him to stop the woman, but I did the same because my grandfather was coming to me while I was hanging. The sun shouted quickly: “Hey aunt, what you are doing, I will fall from there” I came in my sense after hearing the voice of the sun. 

Suraj had reached very close to the woman and then the woman jumped into the river, now I went to the sun and reached the sun, the woman was drowning in the river in front of us and screaming “Salvalo …” We were just looking at us drowning because we both were very frightened by the fact that the woman asked for help, then suraj took off her shirt and climbed the bridge bulb. I cried it holding her hand

saved my hand from my hand and jumped into the river to save the girl. As soon as the Sun river jumped around him, he saw that woman anywhere, he thought that she should drown, then took a deep saint and took a dip inside the water. It didn’t seem like it anywhere. 

I closed my eyes and prayed to God, but when I opened my eyes, the same woman was sitting on the drum of the bridge next to me, who had jumped in the river some time ago, the bridge was sitting in the oscillation as a wild animal . And he was looking at the sun in the river. 

I was thinking about my mind that I then heard that he was not a woman, but a witch and started beating and screaming aloud “surj …” 

Then the witch looked at me and as soon as she saw that my head began to push her black face and the eyes were very large on her forehead and a large nose on the nose was out of her mouth. And their nails were high and useless as a wild animal.

Witch – What happened? You’re looking for me … 

The sun was looking at us from the surface of the water, she also came to know that she is not a woman, but she is a witch, the sun looked at us with very open eyes. I thought that now this witch will kill me on this bridge and then chew my raw meat and chewed it because I was alone in it and urinated in my pants because of fear. 

Witch – Don’t be afraid of not taking me to the river. 

/When I heard this, my heart woke me up with fear. I shouted from the sun and said: “Suraj should quickly leave the water, otherwise, this witch will take you to the water” 

the sun was completely frightened, the hands and feet were insensitive, he realized that he could not leave the river because he was among the river. 

the witch smiled looking at me and then jumped into the river. The sun shouted for the last time and the witch brought him to the water with him and the bubbles came out of the water for some time, but after a while they stopped. 

I was looking at the river to snatch my eyes and continued to call the sun and, in the meantime, the blood was seen in the river water, my eyes cried and I understood that the witch killed the sun could not do it from front of my eyes suddenly darkened and passed out in the same place. 

When I got to my senses, it was in the morning, I was surrounded by four or five people. A multitude of many people was frozen on the bridge, the people looked under the bridge, I raised myself and went to El Puente and went to the bridge. The body of the sun floated on the banks of the river.

that witch had removed a heart from the sun from the sun, my best friend left me. That day I met the people of the village of Kami that there was a washing of the witches in that river 100 years ago. 

it was really that in the British, a British officer had made a strong woman named Sndara, this extended to every nearby city, so no people of the people spoke with a union. Since everyone said that the purity was destroyed, the citizens had fun every day, after a few days, even Sundara’s husband left her, then union he returned home, Kami, who returned home, was his maternal house. 

But even there, he had to endure a lot, after his death he became a witch and the night of the full moon, Sandara came on that bridge and made people his victim in this way. 

Some elderly people in the village of Kami also say that after eating the heart of 100 men or children, the witch would become a beautiful woman again, so she made only men and children her victims, her victims, her victims And his children chewed hearts. 

St. of the village of Kami after Suraj’s murder, the witch, has become a living and beautiful woman again and now lives a normal life with a man. To be

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