Diamond Amazes Fans with Casket Entrance on Stage — citiMuzik

Diamond Amazes Fans with Casket Entrance on Stage — citiMuzik

The entire stage was meticulously crafted to evoke a surreal and exhilarating ambiance. In a breathtaking spectacle, Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz left his fans spellbound with his headline performance at the Wasafi Festival in Ruangwa on Sunday, September 10.

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The celebrated artist took the stage with a flair that pushed the boundaries of live entertainment.

Every detail of the stage was carefully designed to conjure an otherworldly and thrilling atmosphere. Skeletons were strategically positioned throughout the stage, and performers adorned as grim reapers stood as pallbearers, intensifying the enigmatic allure of the performance.

These ominous figures carried dimly lit lanterns as they solemnly escorted Diamond Platnumz in a casket toward the stage. As the casket was placed vertically, the ‘Yatapita‘ singer stunned the audience by emerging from it, igniting the stage with an electrifying performance. The audience couldn’t contain their astonishment as they bore witness to this unforgettable moment.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platnumz shared his thoughts about the daring stunt. He confessed to feeling an overwhelming sense of tension while inside the casket.

“Emerging from the coffin was an absolutely mind-boggling experience last night; I was genuinely terrified inside there!

Despite the fear, he expressed his gratitude to his creative team for the audacious concept and revealed that the memory of being inside the casket still lingers.

“Natumai sijawangusha japo kila nikiwaza hali ya mule ndani ya jeneza kumbukumbu haifutiki…Wanachi wanashauku kuona Songea mmeniandalia nini namna ya Kuingia Stejini🙌🏼” he added.

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