Cole Bennett Net Worth 2023 And Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

Cole Bennett Net Worth 2023 And Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

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Bennett, a filmmaker and business executive, was born in the United States. He is also known for his work as a video director and music video director. In 2013, he founded the multimedia brand Lyrical Lemonade, which gained him widespread recognition even before he completed high school.

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The company has since flourished, providing significant benefits to numerous musicians. Bennett’s social media following surpasses 20 million, with over 15 million subscribers and 6 billion views on his YouTube channel alone. Join us as we explore Cole Bennett’s net worth, bio, age, height, girlfriend, and other details.

Profile Summary
Real Name Cole Bennett
Date of Birth 14 Мау 1996
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Birth Place Рlаnо, Іllіnоіѕ, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Nationality & Ethnicity American
Height 1.78 m
Weight 70kg
Girlfriend Lаnа Маrіе
Profession Vіdеоgrарhеr, Fіlmmаkеr, Вuѕіnеѕѕ Ехесutіvе
Cole Bennett Net Worth $ 2 million
Early Life

Born on May 14, 1996, in Pluto, Illinois, Cole Bennett grew up in Chicago with his two sisters, whose names remain undisclosed. Despite his reluctance to share much about his family or parents, Bennett graduated from De Paul University and directed his focus towards his passion for music video production, which proved to be a massive success in the world of digital cinema.

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While he prefers to keep his personal life private, the young millionaire is not married and has not disclosed any information about his past relationships. However, Bennett is currently in a relationship with a photographer named Lena Marie.

As of now, Cole Bennett has not disclosed any plans to marry Miss Mary, but his fans are eagerly anticipating the moment. He has never been previously married or engaged, and his future plans after stepping down from his current role are unknown.

Currently, Bennett is primarily focused on generating income through his YouTube channel by directing music videos. He also appears to be making a significant profit through his business endeavors.

Personal life and girlfriend
Cole Bennett Net Worth 2023 And Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

When it comes to his personal life, Cole Bennett is known to be private and has not discussed his romantic or love life publicly. While he is currently not single and reportedly dating a photographer named Lana Marie, he has not disclosed any details about his dating history or past relationships. Furthermore, he has not revealed any plans for marriage at this time.


Cole Bennett developed a passion for music at an early age, with his mother supporting his dreams by gifting him his first camera. After being impressed by the work of renowned music video director, Austin Wesley, who has worked with Chance the Rapper, Bennett began to immerse himself in the underground rap scene in Chicago, creating a network of rappers he could work with.

Cole Bennett Net Worth 2023 And Everything You Need To Know — citiMuzik

In 2013, he launched the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel, which has amassed over 4 million subscribers. The first video he uploaded to the channel was Boa’s “Wild’s Call”. Bennett’s most popular videos include Lil Pump’s “De Rose” and Lil Skies’ music videos. During his high school years, he started an internet blog called Lyrical Lemonade, which later evolved into a multimedia company.

Bennett’s work involves directing and uploading music videos for rappers such as Chance the Rapper, Famous Dex, Lil Pump, Ski Mask the Slump God, and SmokePurrp, as well as recording and uploading documentaries, interviews, live ciphers, and event memoirs. His multimedia company has expanded beyond Chicago, and he has even worked with established rappers such as J. Cole and Wiz Khalifa.

Aside from his music projects, Bennett is also an ambitious entrepreneur. He founded the Lemonade Beverage business with the hope of one day competing with major brands like Mint Brown.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett has a net worth of $39 million, with an annual income that exceeds $10 million from his music video production and business ventures. Bennett is a self-made millionaire who has achieved success in the industry through his hard work and dedication.

Net Worth $39 Million
Assets $12 Million
Liabilities & Loans $5 Million
Investments $9 Million
Business Income $6 Million
Annual Income $10 Million

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