Christina Shusho Praises Diamond for Coffin Stage Entrance — citiMuzik

Christina Shusho Praises Diamond for Coffin Stage Entrance — citiMuzik

Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho extended her praise to Bongo Flava sensation Diamond Platnumz for his unique and unconventional stage entrance, where he made a grand appearance while being carried in a coffin.

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Currently in Kenya, Shusho engaged in interviews with several bloggers, and the video of her remarks was shared by Spm Buzz.

Initially unaware of Diamond’s dramatic entrance, Shusho admitted she hadn’t been closely following the matter. Nonetheless, she professed her deep respect for Tanzania’s music industry and its exceptionally creative artists.

She further underscored her unwavering support for their artistic endeavors, especially when it comes to pushing the boundaries of creativity within the music scene.

“I haven’t been keeping tabs because I’ve been a bit occupied. However, I hold great respect for the entire Tanzanian arts industry; they are incredibly creative. So, whatever they do, if it’s an expression of creativity, I embrace it wholeheartedly,” Shusho remarked.

Bloggers persisted, suggesting that Diamond’s actions might allude to demonic themes. Shusho, however, responded by indicating that she might delve deeper into the matter at a later time for a more informed perspective.

Christina Shusho’s Insights on the Kenyan Gospel Industry

During the interview, YouTuber Presenter Ali posed a question to Shusho regarding the challenges and gaps within the Kenyan gospel industry, seeking her insights on potential issues.

In response, Shusho offered her perspective that there is nothing fundamentally amiss with the industry. She emphasized that fluctuations and challenges are intrinsic to the human experience and the path of progress.

She went on to suggest that Kenyans may perceive the current industry challenges as significant, but these obstacles could be transient hurdles influenced by various factors, including the timing of events.

Shusho asserted that the current circumstances are not dire, likening them to a period of hunger that eventually leads to sustenance. She encouraged people to embrace these moments and move forward.

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Speaking about her presence in Kenya, Shusho noted that Kenya holds a special place in her heart and referred to it as her second home. She expressed her connections and friendships within the country.

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