Best motivational speech for students and success in life-Learn to take a risk in life

Best motivational speech for students and success in life-Learn to take a risk in life

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Best motivational speech for students and success in life-Learn to take a risk in lifeΒ 

motivating the speech in hindi: by the way, I will not say that he has to run a great risk, at least he can run the risk that he can run what I will say today with all my heart and mind and do not do it on his mind inside , put something big in life, whatever happens, I have to do something big.Β 

There will be many people who will not risk so much today and this will leave my words because many people just like to watch funny videos must spend useless time. Today, many people make motivating videos on YouTube, but very few people will see it. Since we all want something to change your life or you can learn something new, just for some time, which will arrive in useless jokes, for some time, those useless things will be good.Β 

The success never comes after seeing the brand’s sheet, if you work hard, it will comfortably take the view of success. Whatever people are today liked to listen to a motivational story or read it. I also like that you listen to the story of the motivating discourse, LΓ©ada, but because it never implements it.Β 


it is more important that if you look at something good or do you read something good, then why does it implement it? Friend, you think a tree grows in one day, right? It takes time, then comes and gets there. And if I speak of today’s people, then they want to be successful in one stroke, they don’t want to take risks.

They think that any easy path leave somewhere where you have to earn that money and you will jump from him without seeing anything. Why does this happen, if it is successful, how can you be successful until you have the risk? Think, it takes time for something to happen or do anything, you will have to give a little entrance, just a little exit will come out.Β 

If you are afraid of life, you will not be able to do anything in life. That’s why if you want to be successful, you will have to risk. You have to meet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, has a small poem in which she says itΒ 

“You are never tired …

You never stopped … you should never turn around

tax oath.. Kar Saath… Kar Saath” 

By the way, many people must have heard that this is a little joke, I hope you understand that “Tu Na Rukega Kabhi.. You will never get tired.. You will never become.. You just have to walk in your life. Each person has a general plan to be successful, he will also have it, but he is afraid of the inside that it happens or not.Β 

and together it happens that the general plan that is made, we do not share with anyone so that any other is successful, only one thing makes us tell that if I have an excellent plan. And I will not share it. Neither with my friends nor with no other person because if I copy it, he will succeed.Β 

If you are thinking, I haven’t seen very stupid with you to date. A successful person is the one who does something different with the risk, can speak with his friends, what he knows about this topic, he knows. Human beings are not perfect in everything. Whatever the plan you have, it must be discouraged with others. Don’t say everything, tell me a little, what you should get from there, what you should have more ideas to have a general plan, you can become more perfect.

it is very important to be self -sufficient of yourself. “Autonomous configuration” if you want to achieve success, you must first have a lot of self -confidence, if you do not get confidence in yourself, then it is not possible to perform the risk and how it is successful until you can perform the risk until you risk. It can happenΒ 

successful people have a different trust that reflects many people, reading the biography of many people, you can see that these people have achieved their lives in their lives and how they reached, obviously they were a different human being. He was a person who was so full of himself that, even if he made an incorrect decision, he will improve it well and will be self -sufficient.Β 

there are some people who are so afraid that even after being successful, they do not have confidence and finally go again and there are some people where there is already confidence in a human being, knowing that he recognizes him and then continues , not we have to panic to risk, but we have to run the risk of success at full risk.Β 

It is possible to achieve success only in the force of automatic reproduction. Think, if you don’t have good, then as you will go ahead in life, so you will first learn to do your heart and don’t think about your heart. Sometimes he feels that any decision he makes for the mind will make the right because they must have thought of decisions, but if he made the decision of the heart, then they will be associated with his emotion and whatever thought, in total, the chances of being are very tall.Β 

If you listen to your mind, you can never make the right decision, you won’t be blocked in both. We cannot do it or we cannot do it in these things, so I don’t say that this scientist has shown that every time we feel the heart, our decision is perfect.

Whatever our mind wants, he does not want a brain, but he wants a heart and, above all, he will never ask him to risk. Think, whatever you think with the mind, so not even the answer will be the first, it will be risky because the brain is very afraid of everything, as will happen, when it happens and the mind is afraid of doing it. It does not fail anywhere.Β 

the heart does not think so, the heart simply listen to our mind, so if you want to be successful, listen to the heart, not the mind. The heart will show us the right way because it is what is associated with its emotion, the heart shows us the right path, the heart will show us the right path, the heart will never make the risk, the heart is never intrepid. .Β 

every time you want to run a great risk, listen to your heart once. Before making a great decision, think once with your emotion to see if it would be right to do it or if it would be a mistake to do it. You will only have two options and you will have to choose only one of the two yes or only then your decision will go in the right direction.

Anyway, before running the risk, you will have to make a plan, you have to make a perfect planning. Whenever you want to establish a great goal or achieve something great, so for this you will have to first plan.Β 

just like no goal can not be achieved without planning, in the same way, if you want to run the risk, then make a plan. Suppose that if you are putting money somewhere, then if you intend to bend, you will also know what you should know. If you took the risk and there is no planning, then it is true that your future is in danger and will wander your goals in the future and its main goal will remain incomplete.Β 

that’s why it is very important for the success that completes complete planning before starting any job and before risking and then putting your life a day and night to get your goals and then make your dreams and then your dreams they get it. To complete what is the goal, establish a perfect moment and decide that you have to get your goal for that moment.Β 

regardless of what happens, even if you lose, there is no need to take the tension, the most important thing is that he risked at least to get his goal, so he worked hard day and night, leave him without working without hard Work. If you work hard with complete planning, your dream will surely be realized.Β 

that’s why if your goal is large, then share it in many small pieces and configure your small part and completely configures your time and now if you perform the risk, you will never miss because you have a complete test plan. And anyway, I say that you dream big and do perfect goals.Β 

If you want to be successful in any business, you need to make some changes to your habits. I should dream of great dreams, so I’m not saying that only one should dream, so all dreams if you sleep, people who dream of during the day and make a goal and work hard, those people sure of 100% who are who become success.

Abdul Kalam Saheb said that every person should dream that he has no great dreams, he cannot become big. That’s why you make great dreams and make an excellent goal and give 100% of yours to get it. Together with this, you have to understand the price of time because if you don’t know the moment of time, you can never be successful in life. All successful people in the world are only 24 hours, they correctly use these 24 hours.Β 

These people understood the price of time, consider that these people have understood the price of time, they never lost time. If you have also happened, don’t waste useless time. For example, he talks about their success in front of someone and do all this and discuss all the problems.Β 

The most precious thing in the world is the time, you should know that time does not stop for anyone who correctly uses this person, that person is successful and one thing must learn from time to time, it doesn’t stop, so you must never stop.Β 

if you fail at risk, don’t change the goal, change your path. By the way, there are many people who go around, but after a while their goals change only after not having obtained Safatla. I should change.

If you find a difficult job, then you have to change your goal, find a more correct path, you will find a slightly simpler way if you work more. If you are still and again, you don’t have to leave your job, but you have to change the way you do that job.Β 

everyone continues to arrive in their lives, but some people face it fiercely, there are many people who fight so much in their lives that fight so much that one day for their difficulties they are so successful that people say they are succeeded one night, but it doesn’t happen.Β 

are awake for many nights behind the success of one night and there are some people who cannot succeed after doing hard work, then leaving that job and then start looking for easy job in life. Anything. , the work will be done. But his life will stop the same, if his dreams are fantastic, then he will have to risk.Β 

Whatever the difficult activities with them, do not escape and simplify your life because if you fight today, tomorrow you will not have to fight, tomorrow you will go to life in a very comfortably way because it is easy to complete the work. Do not run the risk of avoiding work, but if you don’t risk, don’t think because you can never be successful without life risks.Β 

“Best Luck” for your life for your dreams.

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