6 Tips to Search for Jobs Confidentially While You’re Still Employed  – Knowledgewap

6 Tips to Search for Jobs Confidentially While You’re Still Employed  – Knowledgewap

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The best moment to look for work is when you are already employed. Not being bound by a deadline or financial constraints can allow you to look around less stressfully. And when looking for a job while working, you have more negotiating power, unlike when unemployed, when you cannot utilize your present pay and benefits to reject an offer. You can follow these tips while job hunting while you’re still working.

1. Don’t Use Your Workplace Computers

Never conduct a job search on the company’s computer, the internet, or the phone.  Employers monitor their employees’ internet use, so anything connected to a job search could raise questions. Use your personal cell phone for your job search, but ensure no one at work overhears your chats because your company may also track your phone use.

2. Don’t Dress Differently

If you dress casually to work and come up in a suit one day, it will look suspicious, and people might ask questions. If you dress business casual or casual for your work, take a change of clothes with you or make a stop at home to change if you’re planning to work after the interview.

3. Know Jobfishers

If an offer looks too good to be true, it might be a scam. Jobfishing is a fraud in which unsuspecting victims respond to job postings and work for a company for months without pay. Make sure that your new job is official before leaving your current job. It can be devastating to quit your job just to find out you got scammed and have no means of earning anymore.

4. Don’t Miss Work for Interviews

Don’t make your employers or coworkers know your intentions because you aren’t present during work hours. Schedule employment interviews before or after work, during lunch, or on weekends. Make sure to tell the interviewer you want to keep your job hunt confidential, so they don’t reach out to your employers or managers for references before they conclude your assessment. 

5. Be Careful in Your Interactions

Keep your search and potential departure information private until you haven’t secured a new job. When your coworkers realize you won’t be a part of the team soon, they might alert your boss, leading to a bad recommendation or getting fired before you secure an income source. Keep your job hunt private on social media, as it might get back to your current job. Ask your friends not to mention your job search on their social media as well. 

6. Focus On Your Current Job

Continue working well to keep a good level of performance at your current job. Now is the time to keep up the excellent work, protect your reputation, and prepare to walk away with pride when you leave. Your current employers can be asked by your potential employers about your work performance, too, so now is the perfect time to prepare for a good reference. It can be challenging to stay motivated at work when looking for a new position but keep in mind that your current job is the one paying your bills currently.


Always research properly before leaving for a new job and take precautions regarding scams. You should never stop searching for a better job offer than your current. Keep your job search confidential, primarily if you work in a toxic workplace or have coworkers that want to bring you down.

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